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Planning Application Documents

Statement of Consistency
Statement of Response to the Notice of Pre-Application Consultation Opinion
Linguistic Impact Statement
Childcare Facility Assessment
Application Form (Irish)
Application Form (English)
Site Notice (Irish)
Site Notice (English)
Newspaper Notice
Part V Submission

Cover Letters to Statutory Consultees
Cover Letter to An Bord Pleanála
Letter of Consent
Stage 1 Meeting Minutes
Irish Water Pre-Connection Enquiry Feedback
MOU between Applicant and GCC

Design Statement
Phasing Report
Life Cycle Report
Areas & Levels schedule

Landscape Report

Civil Engineering Services Report
APPENDIX A – A3 Set of OCSC Planning Drawings
APPENDIX B – Surface Water Design Calculations
APPENDIX C – Foul Water Design Calculations
APPENDIX D – Traffic and Transport Assessment
APPENDIX E - Road Safety Audit
APPENDIX F – Trusky Stream Assessment Report
APPENDIX G – Irish Water Pre-Connection Correspondence
APPENDIX H – Site Specific Flood Risk Assessment
APPENDIX J – Proposed Road and Footpath to Public Road Drawings
APPENDIX K – Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plan
Travel Plan
DMURS Compliance Letter

Ecological Impact Assessment
Statement of Screening for Appropriate Assessment

Photomontage Report
Visualisation 01
Visualisation 02
Visualisation 03
Visualisation 04

Part L Planning Letter