Burkeway Bearna Housing Development
Planning Application

The proposed development is located in Bearna, a village west of Galway City.  The proposed scheme consists of a new residential development in keeping with the Galway County Council Local Area Plan and zoning for the site.

The central design challenge and opportunity for this site is to create a high quality residential development, which protects and benefits from the existing stream as a central feature of the site. The concept of the design is to create a new greenway amenity space defined by the stream, addressed and enjoyed by the new residences.

The development proposes to deliver 197 residential units and associated playground and public open space amenities. The new neighbourhood has been designed to create sustainable, well orientated and good quality homes.  The development has been laid out to provide an amenity space actively monitored and used not just by the residents within the development but by its interconnection with the region of Bearna.

A variety of both indoor and outdoor amenity facilities are provided for the use of the residents of this scheme and members of the local community. These include a community building containing a multi-purpose room, kitchen and toilets, an outdoor putting green, astro-turf pitch, children’s playground, walled garden and a series of pocket parks. All of the communal facilities are arranged around a central, landscaped greenway that runs through the site incorporating the existing Truskey stream.

We respectfully submit the proposed development for the consideration of the Planning and Development Authority. The development will continue to contribute positively to the residential amenity of the area with the development of large public amenity space and play areas, allowing the development to contribute to the overall social amenity of the Bearna region.